Tips to make chatting with strangers fun and secure

There is no better way to interact with strangers than through the online platform. Talking to strangers on online platforms is very interesting and exciting as you get to interact socially with individuals you have never seen before. Online chat rooms are very handy since you get to interact with individuals at the comfort of your living room. As interesting as it is, there is also the possibility of interacting with a weirdo who may have other agendas other than chatting. So how do you ensure that you are secure?


Whenever you are not sure of the chat room you are in then it is recommended that you stay anonymous. Most chat rooms often have random cams however you can opt to turn it off. Avoid sharing videos that will reveal your identity until you are absolutely sure of the stranger you are interacting with.

Secure and encrypt you data

Keep your personal details secure by encrypting them or rather don't share with strangers. You can use your middle name as your username or even use your nickname. Details such as home address, phone number and residence should remain personal at all times.

Be fun

If you want to make your online chatting experience fun and exciting then it is highly recommended that you try to be fun and personal. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you go about sharing your personal details. Exchanging personal experiences, stories and life challenges is a great way to keep random chats interesting.

Take control

Always keep in mind that in any chat room you are in it for the fun and nothing more than that. If you feel that the stranger is not being cooperative then it's your obligation to take control and leave the chat room. Most importantly avoid downloading files that haven't been scanned for malware and viruses.

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